Yuva vehicles are structured ergonomically
to be high on execution and low on cost

  • Maximum speed
    25 Km/Hr
  • Mileage
    80-100 km Per Charge
  • Cost / Charge
    Rs. 40-50 (4-6 units)
  • Battery
    Lead Acid tubular battery
  • Charging time
    Approx. 8Hrs
  • Loading Capacity
    Driver +4 Passengers
  • Tires
    400-500 Kgs
  • Frond & Back Tires
    Drum Breaks
  • Contractor
    24 tubes 50Am
  • Body
    All steel body with cabin
  • Telescopic
    43mm Front Suspension
  • Gradient Climbs
    Full 10 degrees gradient

YUVA is a state of art and most economical E-Rickshaw made for high performance, durable design and long life, made with high quality material metal assuring durability and dependability.


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Frequently asked questions – FAQ

Q1. Is registration applicable for Electric vehicles?

A. Yes Vehicle passed Through CIRT or ARI or ICAT, after that state RTO Approval

Q2. What is charging time for batteries of these vehicles?

A. 6-7 hours (Depends on charger), with single phase supply and it requires 4-6 units for one time charging.

Q3. How much weight it can be carry?

A. Meghdoot can carry up to 400kgs weight and Yuva seating capacity is 4+1

Q4. What are the uses of e-rickshaw?

A. One of the biggest advantages of e-rickshaws is that they do not run on petrol or diesel and run on battery instead. Hence, there is no smoke outflow when the e-rickshaw is being driven. E-rickshaws are more utility and environment friendly without using damaging fuels.

Q5. What is running cost of the vehicle?

A. running cost of vehicle - 50-90 paisa/km

Q6 Can we get subsidy?

A. Yes, It varies from state to state