News | 09 May 2021

Meghdoot Electric Vegetable Truck

Introduction of Vegetable e-truck Indian mornings would start with Street Vendors shouting out their day’s menu of fresh fruits and vegetables. Everyone is eager to sell out all produce in as few streets as possible and return home to avoid the strain caused by physically pulling their vegetable carts.

The Sight of those fresh vegetable carts has been dwindling in most of the urban areas, with vendors and farmers choosing stationery stores that are less physically straining to sell while families preferring a supermarket to get more products in one trip to save lots of on time although compromising heavily on the freshness, quality, and costs of their produce.

Farmer’s market and food supply

The recent trend of bringing within the Farmers market from the neighboring farms to the cities once every week has changed the structure of urban vegetable buying a tad bit in a select few areas. Some urban neighborhoods now have access to farm-fresh produce a minimum of once during a week.

However, farmers’ markets tend to be located in fewer neighborhoods and are often out of reach, both physically and economically, for several residents. These residents who might not have the time or resources to travel to the markets on the day they're held might miss out on the farm produced fresh fruits and vegetables and persist with the pricey, cold storage and far-travelled produce from the local supermarkets.

There is a huge gap within the got to provide more fresh produce to the ever-growing urban neighborhoods where grocery stores are often far and inconvenient. A long been focus to figure a balance within the food supply chain from farmers to consumers can become a reality with electric vegetable carts.

As mobile markets roll out, it can help within the reach of higher food quality nationwide and successively redirect eating habits faraway from nutriment and unhealthy diet to more fresh vegetables in the meals every day.

Mobile farmers market and Vegetable e-truck

But what are stopping the farmers to take their vegetable trucks out more often into more areas are the heavy fuel costs that they need to travel and unavailability of storage spaces for the products almost like those within the grocery stores.

In pursuit of finding a solution to bring fresh produce closer to our homes, EDMRC has come out with vegetable E-carts. These are customized vegetable electric trucks specially designed for storing and moving the farm produce conveniently through the lanes and bylines of the cities all while keeping the operating costs low.

Our Vegetable e-trucks can impact the Mobile market vendors and farmers in saving extra money by eliminating middlemen and in saving longer in their efforts to sell their produce directly to the consumers.

On the opposite hand, the costumers can benefit by getting the simplest prices on the frequently accessible farm-fresh fruits and vegetables that are conveniently delivered closer to their homes by our Vegetable electric trucks.

Livelihood opportunity for E-Carts

EDMRC is extremely proud and excited about the customized Vegetable e-truck which will provide livelihood opportunities to farmers, vegetable vendors, agribusinesses and therefore the youth of India to pursue a cleaner greener and environmentally friendly vocation.

With a high return on Investment on the electric vehicle carts, anyone can afford to make use of the subsidized opportunity to own battery-operated customized e-carts with zero fuel costs, zero emissions, and significantly low servicing and operating costs.

Vegetable e-carts leave a lesser carbon footprint within the world and also reduce the availability barriers of farm-fresh produce to the high demand of individuals wanting healthy food and greener lifestyles.

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