News | 09 May 2021

Electric 3 – wheeler Advantages and Benefits

The country is currently home to over 1.5 million electric rickshaws, and this number is only expected to grow with the move to electric. Sales within the three-wheeler electric auto segment grew by 21% during FY 2018-19, i.e. 1,10,000 more units sold than the previous year. With more people choosing electric options, the shift is clear. Affordability and a far better value proposition are the 2 unique selling points during this segment.

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News | 10 May 2021

Improving Electric Vehicles Mobility in India

According to a WHO report, India is home to 14 of the highest 20 most polluted cities within the world. An increasing number of vehicles on roads led to a spike in pollution levels in India’s major cities.Having already crossed the permissible limits on particulate and carbon emissions, Indian cities like Delhi are screaming for better air quality for sustenance.

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News | 11 April 2021

Last-mile connectivity with an Electric three wheelers

This exponential growth since its initial days is driven by factors like increasing penetration of smart mobile devices, improved broadband and wireless internet access, rise in usage of digital payments and cash on delivery services as well as aggressive customer acquisition and retention strategies.

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News | 12 April 2021

Meghdoot Electric Vegetable Truck

Introduction of Vegetable e-truck Indian mornings would start with Street Vendors shouting out their day’s menu of fresh fruits and vegetables. Everyone is eager to sell out all produce in as few streets as possible and return home to avoid the strain caused by physically pulling their vegetable carts.

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